Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Black Keys - Little Black Submarines (Official Video)

Monday came and went and I missed it....
  Today will have to do!  I hope you enjoy this one!  It's one of my favorites.  My plan is to plug in my earbuds, lace up my runners, turn the volume way up, up, up and hit the pavement this morning.  And with every beat of the drum I will do my best to push my feet faster and leave the thoughts in my chaotic mind far behind.
  Have a listen, and if you love it the way I do, you'll spend some of your hard earned cash and add this tune to your library!
  We'll chat soon!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Lissie - Further Away (Romance Police)

  Morning and welcome to a new week!
  I know I'm always ultra vague about the projects I'm working on, and for now anyway, that's just the way it will have to be!  
  Today I can tell you this; my new friend is messed up.  She causes problems and makes messes everywhere she goes.  The saddest bit is that she is most toxic to herself, she knows it, thrives on it, and can't stop her out of control spiral.
  She is so far from anything I've worked on that every time I sit down with her I wonder if I'm capable of doing her justice.  Anyway, that's my problem....
  When I heard this song I could see her, I could see her heart, I could see her bleak moments and I could see her in desperation clawing her way into understanding.
  Okay!  Thanks for indulging me that vague bit of confession, and now shameless and documented brainstorming.  
  Apart from my vision of what this song conjures up, I love the sound.
  To me it's like a piece torn right from the sound of the beautiful musically thriving women of the 80's.  From the first few seconds of sound I hear the angst, which I imagine is the point.
  I love it, and as this is where my brain is at for the moment, I'll be listening to it for weeks to come.  Have a listen and though it's not available yet to buy, keep your eyes open for the moment it is!  Or head over and listen to the rest of her work, her sound, for me at the moment, is perfect.
  Enjoy an angst filled Monday!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Happy Birthday.....Simply Me

  I'm still here! Ha!
  Anyway, I'm also still Alice, floating down that rabbit hole; the only difference between the me now and the me from then is that I'm no longer as frightened about where it will lead me.  In fact, I have no idea where I'll be a year from now and, today's me, can't wait for the twists and turns that are coming my way.
  I've seen a lot of cool things on this year's journey, I've been pushed in moments and pulled in directions that have been so overwhelmingly fantastic that I could do very little aside from simply sitting back, waiting and watching, to see how it would all unfold.
  Cryptic much?  I know I'm still too vague, but isn't my vague ramblings part of what makes you push yourself?  If I laid everything out for you in basic terms why would you tune in every week to read what I have to say?  I think if I told you everything, left nothing to the imagination, you simply would quit tuning in. 
  That would suck for me. 
  My vague, random and wandering ramblings would be lost and if I felt I had nothing to share, I would quit, and I hate quitting.
  Maybe it's the competitor in me? the deeply embedded sports fiend, that can't believe until she's tried, that won't walk away.
  I don't actually believe it's that.  I'm the romantic, soft and tender heart!  I believe I want to help whoever will listen, because that's ultimately who I am.  I'm the one who cares.  The one who wants to fix everything and make it better for everyone.  I'm the one who goes out of the way to provoke a smile.  And if these wandering ramblings do provoke some small piece of inspiration or strength to grow in another person as they realize they're not alone, well, that's the point.
  That's me; I care, so very much.  And having all you beauties tap in to this page on a weekly basis has been food for my spirit! (You likely have no idea, how thrilling it has been for me this year to watch more of you happen upon this simple page.  And then return!  You have no idea!)
  So while I share my heart, I do it with the hope that someone somewhere out there, whether in England, Spain, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia or down the street from me in Canada, will be encouraged, lifted up, shown the bright side, or taught how to believe in yourself and push yourself just a little bit further.
  That's it, it seems pretty simple, but you know as well as I do, if you're working on yourself, it is anything but.

  So in honor of one of the craziest year I've seen yet, here are a few of those crazy occurrences and a few of my very favourite things; those crazy moments when, like Alice, I partook from the small bottle and grew too large, then chose the pretty cake and shrunk so small I was rendered utterly helpless!

A Year In Review...Top Ten

~my husband and I kicked off our shoes, dove into the deep and embarked on a journey     
  that has changed our lives.  It has drawn us closer together and even opened our eyes to 
  each other the way we'd never thought to look before.  I've never been so loved or been 
  able to give this much love, ever! 

~Perspective: it's a daily battle; a daily engaging of my mind to see without blinders.  

~learning to let go.  It's hard.  It's harder still to just feel.  To really feel with unabashed or
  hesitant reaction. I'm still working hard on this one, I'm sure it will take a while to feel I'm 
  completely confident of everything I feel, but each step is so gloriously, freeingly poignant,
  and such a gift!  Again, it's about the journey!

~those small moments. Like hearing that Small Voice that says, "you're where you're 
  supposed to be, I'm pleased with you!"  Yes, here is where those big, rolling tears fall and
  wash me clean with the pure affirmation they provide, and the sustenance to continue 
  without abandon the race I'm running.

~the heart pounding moment of being told, yes indeed, my work is good enough, intriguing 
  enough, and potentially marketable.  Can you picture the combination of shock, joy, 
  dancing, tears, and heart-pounding disbelief of seeing that dream solidify?  

~Patience. An agonizing lesson. Once you've come through the other side of the lesson that 
  life has placed upon your shoulders, it doesn't always seem so bad, and you're always better
  for the lesson if you look at it from the right Perspective!

~life is a classroom and everyday is made for learning.  I love learning and it surrounds me.
  I'm so thankful! We have the endless opportunity to be transformed daily if we choose.

~My girls.  You beautiful women I call, text, email, scramble my schedule to see, and learn 
  from each and every time we connect whether you live across the street or on the other 
  side of the world. What would I do without you? Maybe the better statement is who would 
  I be without each of you? You are in my work daily, you are in the characters I write, you 
  are in my heart, you ARE my heart. Oh how I love you! thank you!

~Music. It is one of the deepest loves of my heart.  It speaks for me when I have no words of
  my own.  It gives me a clearer picture of who I am and where I need to go.  It breaks me 
  when I need to be broken. It guides me. Refreshes me. Encourages me. 
  My favorites this year have been documented, usually on what I think of as Music 
  Monday, sometimes it turns up on a different day of the week, really it shows up when I'm
  feeling it!  I could list a long and varied playlist for you, but it might be best for you to just 
  go back in time with me and check out this years music posts to hear what's been in my 
  heart, what my projects are inspired by, and what the soundtrack of my life looks like.

~the beauty around me is endless.  I have loved seeking the simple with you this year.  It
  has been invaluable to search for it in the crazy moments and in the quiet times.  The 
  simple is the root of everything we do and somehow our minds elaborate and add on from 
  there.  There is purity in the simple and I love pausing in the moment to enjoy!

  So, is it time for cake yet?  If we're celebrating a birthday that is the obvious next step!  No matter what the age, whether 1 or 100, cake is one of the best parts of a birthday celebration.  Actually, here's a quick confession; when I say cake I might actually mean pie, or mousse, I'm not so much a fan of the cake part of cake, yep, you got it!! I'm that kid who ate the icing and left the cake behind.  Or maybe more accurately ate the cake first so I could savor each mouthful of icing at the end.

  Thank you, All of you, for a fun filled year of indulging my ramblings!  You made it better for me, though each entry would have been worth it if no one had read it at all!  Thank you for watching me grow, learn, and hopefully improve in my punctuation and writing structure, though I'm an impatient editor!  
  I have no clue what this next year might hold or if I'll still be here, but this journey, so far, has been a true pleasure.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  Happy Birthday, Simply Me!!


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Liz Longley - Moondance

A twisted and turned around week!

 I've got no mid-week confession for you this week..... unless me telling you that I love this song is a shocking reveal!!  Nope, didn't think so!  It has everything I need in a song....a voice that slips in and catches your attention, an innocently sexy groove, an acoustic sound, and words; you know how I adore words. 
  I'm a Van Morrison fan.  But this tune combined with this lovely voice had me needing to share this with you!
  It's a good one!  Head over to your music site and buy this tune!

Monday, 15 July 2013


  I had such a fantastic weekend!  Running in to so many women in my life that I have been blessed to know has recharged me.  It's going to be a good week!  But first let me tell you a bit of a story.

  Have you ever had a pure and perfect moment of complete, and potentially, soul baring understanding with an absolute stranger? Where everything you're feeling in that single instant is mirrored back to you in another's sparkling eyes?  Where your feeling of joy is reciprocated completely and perfectly?
  I absolutely love the idea of this, let's call it a PURE MOMENT.
  I was driving home from the most exhilarating place in town this past Saturday morning.  Can you guess? yep, you got it.....the grocery store.
  I was, for possibly the first time this week, driving all on my own.  I was cruising through traffic, enjoying a song as I waited for the lights to turn green, and as I pulled slowly through the intersection the moment fell on me.
  Oddly enough I have no recollection of what song was on the radio, though I do know it was a good one, because my knee was up, my head was bobbing, and I had the beginnings of a smile on my face.
  Traffic was light, there were very few vehicles around, so I took the opportunity to take in my surroundings.  There were hanging flowers on the light posts in the boulevard, there was a drive thru window to my right that had vehicles slowly trickling through, and on the sidewalk on my left was a biker.  
  The biker was an interesting looking person.  I will describe the look as carefree, spontaneous, easy-living, meandering-to-their-destination-with-lazy-joy.  You get the picture; that biker was getting nowhere quickly, pushing the pedals and loving every hazy, sun-filled, hot-summer-morning moment!
  Well our eyes connected.  There was distance between us, a one way street and a boulevard.  Yet across that space I'm certain our eyes connected.  Those ultra fast, lightning-flash seconds were magic.  Eyes connected, locked fast, we shared a toothy grin; wide and free!  I felt joy passed my way from such a simple response.  It was pure.  Innocent. Intentional.  Encouraging.  Understanding.
  Corny, trust me, I know!
  I have no idea who this person was, nor will we likely cross paths again, but did it matter?
  That brief moment of connection felt deeper than so many of the interactions I've shared over the past few weeks.
  Could that instantaneous connection have felt the same for that biker?  I hope so, because it's was a great feeling.  
  I think the easiest way to explain it is that I feel like that person got everything about me even I didn't understand in that all-to-brief moment.
  Well, corny, I just may be!  Over-analyzing, all too likely!  Turning something into something it surely is not.....you tell me!
  Have you ever felt that same sort of connection that is gone too quickly but likely difficult to forget quickly?  The sort of connection that takes no effort and is perfect for the time it lasts, for whatever it means in that moment.
  In the very least, though it was so much more than these simple words, that moment gave me something to think about.  It changed my day.  It stirred up something I needed to be reminded of at exactly that moment in time.  
  I bet you want to know what I was reminded of, but you know what? I'm going to keep it to myself this time!
  Think back to your own moment, because surely you have all felt it at some point, too!  What did it mean to you?  Where did it take you?  What did it remind you of, or challenge you to grow into?
  Too much?  Too deep, to romanticized or altogether to ridiculous a thought for you to engage in?  Hmmm, well, get used to it!  It's Simply Me!


Friday, 12 July 2013

Avicii - Avicii - Wake Me Up (Lyric Video)

  Let's start the weekend with this!  It's got so many things I love, guitar, a fantastic voice, and the juxtaposition of a country sound mixed with a dance-like beat.
  Take what you will out of it!  It's catchy, happy, bouncy, and there are still good solid words to speak to you.  The lyrics, for me, make it a dreamers song; and you must know by now, or at least if I've established anything after a year of opening up my heart to you all, that I am one BIG dreamer!  I feel absolutely no shame in that confession!
  It's time to roll down your windows or take a dance timeout! 

Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy

Monday, 8 July 2013

Never Had Nobody Like You - M. Ward (HQ)

Hello, Monday!

  What's goin on with y'all this fine Monday morning?  Was your weekend one for the record books?  Epic on a previously unimaginable level?  Hmm?  Were you able to kick your feet up for a few hours and reacquaint yourself with that beauty we call Summer?  I wish that for you all!

  So this song puts a very strong visual picture in my mind.  (I'm actually working on a small piece with my imaginary friend involving this fantastic tune, but that's for another time.)  Stick with me a moment and I'll try to give you a vague sample glimpse at what I see, or maybe more what I feel.
  It starts with the beat of a drum.  I think I know where the song is going, yet when the guitar comes in I'm turned in a completely different direction. A much better direction!
  Its got a sway; I like the sway.  It makes me see dancing, the hip swinging, arms raised sort of oblivious to the outside world dancing; like you could watch said dancer through a fully lit window and remain unseen in the shadows.  (Not in a creepy way though, if that's possible!)
  Then the voice; earthy yet sincere,  forcefully revealing and openly honest.  It pours in and beckons me to join the journey, and I'll all too willing.
  Then it's over.  It's too short and I feel left hanging.  I want more.  So, "why not", I say with an easy shrug of my shoulders.  I hit repeat....several times!
  You get the idea.  I have a very clear picture, but to share the whole thing would steal something from a story that's not yet ready to be told.   
  Needless to say, it's a great tune for any time of day.  The best bit, which all good art incites, it inspires me.
  Add that sway to your step, break out your oblivious-to-the-world dance moves!  Take a listen, if you like it, buy the tune!  


Friday, 5 July 2013

Favorite Things

Here's What I Know

  It's Hot!  Yes, indeed!  Summer has arrived and she's showing off!  
  I'm thankful for so many things this week, but as I adjust to this new and even more crazy than before summer schedule, I feel I have squandered most of the opportunities placed in my path to enjoy.
  I'm not complaining, trust me.  I am, however, feeling slightly remorseful that I can't take it all in and savor it.  You know what I'm saying, right?  I want the time to hit pause, take a mental picture, to make every moment of this summer count.
  So in the spirit of slowing down, here's this week's Top....


~I was stopped at a train crossing yesterday morning.  It was the most peaceful moment of 
  the day, crazy right?  Usually when you're stopped by those flashing lights your first 
  thought is hurry, hurry, hurry, how long could these winding cars actually be.  Well, I 
  wanted those stacked cars to go on for miles.  I wanted to spin tales of where all those filled 
  containers would finally come to rest and to whom they belonged and from where they 
  began their journey.  
  Forced moments of complete stillness are equally as effective at recharging us as those 
  we choose on our own, we only have to allow the moment to take us away!

~my strawberry plant is in bloom and turning those fanciful berries into jewel toned 
   juiciness!  So pleasing to the eye and the tongue!

~impromptu dinner with friends!  Any reason to get out of town is fantastic, but meeting 
   friends, eating tasty summer fare and indulging in a movie to cap off the night....love it!

~I dragged my poor and accommodating princes to work with me this week.  I wasn't sure 
  how it was all going to work out, but you know what?  It couldn't have been fun, in fact, I 
  know for certain it wasn't.  But they didn't grumble, they chipped in to help, and they had 
  smiles on their faces and an eagerness in their eyes when they knew we had to do it all over 
  again the next day.  Truly thankful!! So much so, I've got the best babysitters ever lined up 
  to hang out with them next week!  But the best bit is that they learned something, they 
  gave of themselves selflessly, they were patient, and it will, fingers crossed, teach them the 
  value of hard work in the future!

~Wimbledon....it's been upset central this year.  I'm always one to cheer on the underdog, 
  even if they are playing my favorite, so obviously, in spite of disappointment, this suits me 
  just fine! I promised last week I wouldn't go on and on so I'll simply say, this tournament, to  
  me, is purely a magical delight!

~I take crap pictures.  It's a truth, not a personal slam.  
  This was the view from my back deck last night.  Pretty ridiculous, right?  Something 
  magical happens at that time of night.  Indulge me a minute, please!! but I almost expect 
  the tree fairies to come out, rest on my knee and share a lazy, liquid, inspiring, conversation  
  about all mine and their favorite things.  (I did ask for your indulgence!) 
  It has always been my favorite time of day; the hour before night when day is clinging 
  to the clouds that hang above her.  It does something to me: it calms, refreshes, enables 
  reflection, and reminds me I'm not alone in this world.  It turns my mind to liquid thought 
  and I almost believe I could fly.  I think that feeling is called HOPE and who doesn't love 
  that feeling?

  It was a good week in my small corner.  How about yours?  Can you make a list of all those things you're thankful for? Even in the midst of tragedy and unfortunate circumstance, like my friends and family battling to clean up the mess the Alberta flood waters left behind, there is something to be thankful for.  A helpful neighbor.  A cool drink of clean water.  A smile to encourage a weary spirit.  A clean bill of health.  Or a simple sunset that reveals the promise of tomorrow.
  Happy Friday, all you beautiful folks!  I'm thankful for you, that for some reason you tune in here each week and inspire me to do my best to inspire you!  

Monday, 1 July 2013

Bastille - Pompeii, Laura Palmer, Bad Blood - Tenement TV

  Hello and Happy Long, Canada Day weekend to all you beauties, wherever you are!

  Here's what I couldn't get enough of this weekend!  I wish I was one of those "cool" kids that headed out to the rolling hills of the English countryside over this weekend to set up camp and see these guys in all their best festival glory.  
  I wish 
I wish
  I wish!
  Well, it wasn't in the cards for me, or if I had to guess, every single one of you who will read these words.....alas, life isn't so bad in having missed it.  It is, however, unfortunate that I will not get much closer in proximity to any of their shows throughout the remainder of the year, c'est la vie!
  Instead I had this album on repeat and I watched the recap of their live performance, or at least the bit I could get in my viewing area....(which sadly is always small).
  I like the sound these fellows make, I enjoy the words that tell their tale, and I love, love, love that they play their instruments with intention and pour themselves into what they love.
  Take a listen to these guys, then head over to your music site and buy this album!  It's a good one!