Monday, 25 March 2013

The Cranberries - Dreams

 Here is a beautiful blast from the past!  Always a good one and sure to get you moving.  It may even encourage you to roll down your windows and feel the wind in your hair.... I hope as you start this last week of March you have good memories of this song, I know I do!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Favorite Things

1~ Sam Smith - Lay Me Down (acoustic version)  Give it a listen, I can't get enough of this
      beautiful song
2~ I've started to grow some things in anticipation of warmer weather and an ice cold
3~ A jar of sunny-faced daffodils that are bringing a punch of color to my kitchen
4~ New ideas and words that are desperate to flow from the tips of my fingers
5~ A pair of sparkling, bright, energetic blue eyes! (it's always the eyes for me)
6~ My sweetheart.  I'm a very luck lady and I've without a doubt been spoiled by his
      presence the past while.  

  I won't bore you with yet another run down of this, that, and the next from my week.  Instead I'll tell you I have a new story in my head.  It is going to stretch me, this I'm  certain of.  I've past page five and I've found myself with a giggle on my lips.  
  I LOVE IMAGINATION!! Oh I do I do, I do, I it!
  So I will apologize in advance to those who seek me out face to face.  If you are trying to speak to me and my eyes glaze over with that far away look, or my brow scrunches in concentration, be sure it's not your company!  It's my mind being inspired by the words you've shared, your new haircut, the dazzling print of your scarf, or perhaps the gentleness your spirit reveals.  If you do happen upon me in a moment such as this, you might find a piece of yourself being cast and woven into one of my 'friends', that's the way it least some of the time. But don't worry, you have nothing to fear, no one will know but me (again with the evil laugh, right there!!!)!  
  Of this though you can be sure; if inspiration strikes and you're the cause that sends me off into worlds yet to be explored, I won't ever forget the moment, and I will forever be thankful for the journey you sent me on.

  Until next time, folks!!

Cheers to the weekend.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Gabrielle Aplin - Panic Cord

  Hey Hey Blizzard Monday

  Snow, snow, snow.  That's what I saw when I rest my head on the pillow last night and there was plenty more and still falling from the sky when my alarm buzzed me into reality this morning.
  I don't mind it, it's beautiful, fresh and clean.  It's a reminder to slow down, to savor the morning before the children wake and I have the privilege of telling them school is, yet again, cancelled!
  Whoops and cheers were heard in my home this morning.  Maybe you don't feel the same, but for the most part, it's a treat to hear school is cancelled!  Not only for my young princes, but also for me; no lunches to pack, no rushing out the door, no this that and the next.  My plans and schedule went out the window and in their place will fall crafts, dance parties, baking, a leisure lunch, and giggles in the fluffy heaps of new snow.

  Wherever you are on this day, turn your face to the sky, catch a snowflake on your tongue, soak up the sun, let the breeze blow through your hair, watch the rain fall, put a skip in your step and know a new season is nearly her; (she's showed her signs, but her fullness is not yet ready to be shared). 
  Now while you're doing all that, take a listen to this lovely new song from Gabrielle Aplin.  She sums up a break up and all the confusing feelings surrounding it with a dreamy, nostalgic, and straight forward lyric.  
  Enjoy another start to a promising week!

Friday, 15 March 2013


  Well it's been a big and busy week in the Hartung home.  Most weeks are busy, but this was a different sort of BIG!
  This was the sort of week that had us scrambling (of course) while we sat back, hands raised in awe.  We waited without surprise as the Master dropped piece by piece the puzzle we'd been immersed in for the past who knows how long, but more specifically for the past 18 months.
  Have you ever looked back at your life and seen an event or series of circumstance that are too deliciously unfathomable to believe with the contents of your own understanding?
  Well over the past few years I feel as though I've been living in that state and learning one astonishingly valuable lesson.

HERE'S WHAT I KNOW - another week of discovery

1~ the more I give to others the more I receive in return (without expecting it, of course)

2~ without my Master, who makes me whole, I would be nothing; a wretched heap of flesh
      incapable of using my hands and feet for any small bit of good

3~ I have a voice, and though it's taken me many years to find it, I know I was made for a 
      purpose, and with each step on that journey I am empowered and humbled by the tools
      I've been equipped with

4~ tears don't generally fall until the worst is over and we know we've weathered the
     storm or passed the test

5~ trying new things is learning.  Your resume can be long and random, but experience is
      is never wasted, and failure is a term doled out too quickly and often branded by those
      too afraid to try

6~ I want to do all the things on my list of "terrifying things".....well almost all, I'm still not
     sure about jumping out of an airplane

7~ when I have a plan and hold on to it tightly, it's almost certain to be ruffled and realigned

8~ I know this is hugely cliche...but....there is rarely big reward without big risk

And on the lighter side of things!

9~ if I had known I would be the mother of a goalie, it would have been useful to have
      invested in indigestion meds

10~ my 90 year old grandma played hockey in her youth.  An all girls team
        apparently.....who knew! (I'm hugely jealous.....)

  There you have it folks....another week in books! Was it a big one for you?  Did you push yourself just a bit further, test out your wings to see if you could fly?
  I took a big step by way of dreams this week! I sent two of my manuscripts to the publisher of my dreams....gulp! I put myself out there, and now I will wait and see!  It's out of my hands.....maybe it's what they're looking for at this time, maybe it's not.  Who can say?  But either way, I did it, I took the risk and I won't ever be sorry!

  I love every one of you who tune in each week to peruse my ramblings, and don't be fooled, I know full well I ramble!  Thank you!  You have been an encouragement, and in your own way gave me the confidence to explore the words I have inside of me.

  Have a ridiculously inspired, fantastically fun weekend!


Monday, 11 March 2013

Kodaline - All I Want (Live)

Good morning!

  I'm having some trouble getting the video to load onto the page....maybe it is my super sucky tech skills....who knows!  I confess I know near to nothing about computers or how to do anything in this bizarre cyber world!  Anyway, here's a haunting tune to start off your week!  As always....if you like it, buy it!
  I hope you enjoy!


Friday, 8 March 2013

  You ever feel like if you don't keep going you simply won't be able to keep going?  I've taken that to a bit of an extreme this week by including less sleep to keep me going.  All part of the plan.....Not so much!
  I'll be upfront and share the simple fact that sleep hasn't always looked kindly upon this girl.    I love it almost more than anything, but it's a fickle state which often evades, dodges, and outright avoids returning its affections which provides comfort to my weary bones.  Okay, I am crazy, I know it!  But seriously, with the amount of sleep I've lost this week it's no surprise!

Here's What I Know  (a few of my dirty secrets revealed)

~ I don't do puke.  I thank the Lord that my husband takes on this task without
   qualms because I clear out like a flash before the same fate befall me!

~ in spite of the puke bug, I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to snuggle my oldest
   son, who by the way believes he's past that

~ I'm addicted to my vacuum.  Who's complaining?  You all should be thankful and take note
    that when you come to my home you can be gosh-darn-sure it will be clean 
~ it is my delight to feed people.  I get it, you're not always hungry, but if I offer you a slice
   of cake fresh from the oven, a heaping plate of cheese oozing, sauce dripping, aroma 
   enticing pasta, take it, shove it in your mouth, smile, and tell me it's the most tasty thing
   you've ever experienced! (insert evil laugh)

~ my life may be filled to the brim with rambunctious, loud and indifferent men and boys, 
   but I still need pretty things

~ I have easily become addicted to the fancy tea I picked up a few weeks ago....

~ I'm also addicted to lip gloss, have been since I was a wee one (minus a brief window
   when I was all about the lipstick)

~ I buy clothes I think I like, but when I get home I have buyers remorse and keep those 
   pretty things in the bag so I can return them....apparently this is a first born trait...

~ (this follows closely along with the previous confession, and my husband will roll his eyes
    and confirm this, he may even pull at his hair) I often struggle with making decisions.
    In my defense I want to make decisions for myself, but think more often than not about
    what everyone else wants...therefore confusing my ability to make a firm choice.

~ I ran outside this afternoon in long underwear layered over with a pair of shorts.....yep, I'm 
   that cool!

~ we're all different.  We're all different.  Yep, that's it, we're all different.  I'm good at 
   some things, you're most likely better at others, and that's what makes each of us special!
   I'm the lady my girlfriends call when they need encouragement or an ear to listen.  I have 
   a friend I call when I need a laugh, a friend to call when I need to be silly, another when
   I need to get out of the house.  They all have individual gifts that make them uniquely
   special and perfectly them!  Could I live without any one of them?  I'd rather's hard
   work making good friends and even more difficult to build a level of trust to suss out those
   perfect qualities and take full advantage of them!

  That's what I know.  
  It's been a busy week, and as the sun shines longer each day with the faithful promise of spring, there is no chance this lady will slow down!
  Take time to indulge in the small things.  Hug the ones you love, say thank you to a few special people in your life, embrace the odd, quirky, original bits of your personality, maybe even share those things with someone new!

It's Friday again folks!  Who's excited?  Enjoy the weekend! We'll chat soon.

Monday, 4 March 2013

KITTEN - Cut It Out [Official Audio]

Wake me up, Monday!!

  Did you all make it through another winter weekend?  I'm not going to lie this morning was incredibly welcome.  And though it is blustery, and not looking like the great outdoors will tempt me to explore today, a new week has begun and I will do my best to tackle it with as much energy, fire, inspiration and acceptance as I can muster!
  This song is going to help my feet move on the track of my treadmill, sweep aside all the toys and make quick work of washing the boy's domain spic'n'span, and push me through this day.
  Take a listen, dance around.....wake up!

We'll catch up soon!

Friday, 1 March 2013

  This week has been one I will be very thankful to see in the past.  Too much hockey, too many obligations, too many meetings, throw in a small stomach bug and, here I go again, not nearly enough time.
  It's funny how in the midst of winter when the days are short and the evening comes early, we yearn almost desperately for the summer months where the days are long, the sun is warm and our schedules are busy in a completely different way.
  For the longest time I convinced myself if I could just make it until summer, or winter, or whatever season was around the corner, things would be different.  We'd be less busy, our schedules would break free and we would experience freedom, a lack of plans, an absolutely uncluttered, unscheduled, unregulated life.  Hahaha, how naive! because it never happens.  If winter is busy with schedule and commitments, summer is filled with catching up with friends you haven't seen since the previous series of warmer months.  Every season of time is no less busy, just shaped differently into the form of life.
  I'm rambling, I know that full well.  I tend to do that when I need to process everything that's going on and feel it rather than just be caught up in its whirring schemes.  I understand all that goes on around me when I process it verbally, and I haven't had time to process much verbally recently.  I haven't had the chance to sit back and go over all the what if's that hide in the potential scenarios that are waiting for me around the corner.  
  Maybe I feel the extra pressure to sort everything out before a new season begins, sort of like taking as many shots as I can before the clock runs out.  
  The snow has begun to melt here and the sun has been warm, shining high and bright off of the icy coated drifts of snow that have blanketed my world.  The past few days have been the sort that spur you to want to pack away the winter gear and dig up the flirty dresses that are made for the beach, drive with the windows open even at the risk of being splattered with muck by other passing vehicles.  It's time to scrub the walls, clean out the closet, turn my face to the radiating sun and basque.
  If I sound mildly discontented, it must be because I think that's how I'm feeling.  I don't want to rush through, I want to savor, enjoy and embrace each moment that I have because that's what true living is about....isn't it?
  Oh boy!  I'll stop now, because I feel a serious rant coming on!

Top Five

1~ peeling a layer from my running gear and still being warm, sweaty, and inspired by
     the teasing scent of spring
2~ waking up to foggy fields, icicles that hang long and low, squinting my eyes at the sun's
3~ watching my boys skate around on our small patch of ice outside the back door.  Their
     giggles, joy, and contentment breed hope for their future
4~ feeling content, blessed even, with where I am, what I do, and the purposes I have laying
      before me that I am called to fulfill
5~ the women in my life.  They deserve so much more than these small words.  I've said it
      before but it continues to resonate with me; you are beyond fantastic, and I wouldn't
      make it through without your constant love and support.  A last minute Costco run, a
      phone conversation, helping a friend out with a ride, a poster that humbles, encourages,
      and makes me believe, the voice of my mother-in-law, the generosity of my mom, an
      encouraging squeeze of hand when words are unnecessary, prayers from lips I'm 
      unaware of.  For this and so much more I am thankful for the spectacular women in my

  It's Friday!  I hope you make it through and can gather encouragement from the small and not so small things in your own life!  Hang in there if your week has been anything like mine.....A new week is waiting around the corner and there is always something to be thankful for!

Cheers to the weekend to all you beautiful souls both near and far!