Monday, 28 July 2014

Sam Smith "How Will I Know" Whitney Houston Cover // Hits 1 // SiriusXM

  It's been a while folks; life works that way sometimes!  But lucky me and you, my team has just had a rain delay and I have a minute to focus on one of my other loves!
  It's Monday, and as usual, I only have the time to listen to my favorite Sunday night radio show a day late!  So, it was a good one this week, it rarely is anything but, but my attention was caught immediately which, recently anyway, seems to be an illusive situation.
  Here is a snippit of what I heard.  I kid you not, I stopped, dropped my current task and just listened, eyes closed, 100% allowing myself to be lost in the moment and then scrambled to listen again.  And, oh, what a moment.  This man is on fire at the moment, and likely has forgotten any musical misstep in his past!
  I've missed this space, I truly have, but that is a story for another time and with another purpose. 
  Have a listen and enjoy this Sunday night sound on a Monday evening!

Friday, 4 July 2014

  There are very few things more special than the perfect Summer's evening.  What are the ingredients? It's cool enough to need a sweat shirt yet warm enough to never feel a chill ... it's perfection!
  Tonight just happens to be that in my neighbourhood.  The air is fresh.  The sky is randomly streaked by a wisp of clouds that runs parallel to the horizon, and the sunset.... The sunset is beyond mesmerizing and paints the whole sky.
  The pinks and purples and golds bleed together into a sight that cannot be described with words, nor reflected back in a picture, regardless of the angle you work to capture.  It is one of those moments that steals your breath and haunts your heart, and thankfully, this moment repeats itself frequently enough to grasp a hold of the thankfulness, yet not enough to grow redundant; it's a repetitive miracle, if you take a moment to savour it.
  Summer is fleeting where I come from.  It is short to say the least, yet it is a craving that rarely subsides and, to be frank, coveted through the long, cold, almost desolate winter months.
  There is a fragrance in this stage of summer that hangs in the air.  It's permeated with the stench of still water, fresh cut grass, hot pavement, and a cooling breeze that stirs the air enough to combine those into a scent that is heady, addictive, and soothing.
  My windows are open and as I seek sleep I can hear the cadence of insects staking their claim on the hour of night.  The frogs are delighted at this hour and sing happily and bountifully, eager to fill their bellies and revel in the freedom of darkness.

  I love summer, and after a long, and entirely too restrictive winter, I don't care if the days are too hot to handle and the nights too loud and restless to find rest.  I am soaking it in.  Basking in the heat of the afternoon and lingering in the fading light of evening.

  Wherever you are, stop, take a look around you and enjoy.  Smell the roses, literally.
Enjoy the sunshine-rain that shares its rainbow mist and lets you in on its promise.  

Cheers to the weekend, folks, may it be a good one!