Monday, 30 July 2012

   My weekend began with tears stinging my eyes, a trembling lip, a pounding in my heart, a familiar tune echoing in my ear, and an understanding that if you truly believe, have a sprinkling of talent, and work hard at every turn, dreams can become reality.

   I Love The Olympics.

   I anticipate it, and even before the flame is lit, I am prone to sudden outbursts of emotion.  In fact, if you run into me at any random moment between the games and ask me about it, you’re likely inviting a monologue of sorts that yes, may involve passionate, awe-inspired tears.

   I am first mesmerized by the innate talent the athletes possess, humbled by the sacrifice years of training requires, awestruck by the will, the desire, the tenacity, perseverance, and sheer determination it takes each athlete to get that far.

   I suppose at the heart of it I am also an idealist-dreamer.  I love the idea that the world can come together, can function in peace and enjoy each other; embrace our differences in culture with mutual respect and admiration.  I am drawn in by the behind-the-scenes look at the athletes they focus on, and as so many stories are forged with an underlay of struggle, strife, and obstacles overcome, my heart is truly stolen, and born somewhere deep within me is a desire to be better.

   I love the camaraderie that is evident among athletes one moment and the fierce spirit of competition that drives them past their mates the next. 

   I LOVE the emotion that is embraced when they’ve given their all, when the medalist takes the podium and their flag is raised, how if ever there were words to be sung with a community of people behind you, it is those of your country’s anthem.

   All those years of early alarms ringing, miles on the tires to get to practice, track meets, swim competition or volleyball games, not to mention the cost of sport.  The sacrifices a parent makes to see their child’s dream become a reality.  All that work, all the sweat, the blisters, the torn muscles and abuse a body can take.  It’s all worth it, not only for the athlete who now is the proud host of some precious metal, but also to the world, to everyone who takes a minute to indulge in their dreams gone by. 

   Is it possible to not be inspired?  To not be challenged?  To not try to do better ourselves?  To push ourselves just a little bit further when we believe we’ve reached the limit? 

   When was the last time you dreamed big and really believed it could be? 

   So my question is: what or who inspires you? 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Days fly by in summer much too fast, don't they?

I generally do my best to take in every second of it, but here we are and I hate to say it's half over, but if I'm honest with myself, too much passes me by unnoticed.

So here is a reminder to me and you to enjoy the small/huge things of summer, and a peek for you into the inner workings of who I am and what my heart truly desires!

A Top Ten (plus One)

1. A clear night sky sprinkled with clusters of stars and a quarter moon
2. A push-the-limits run as the hot summer sun begins it's bedtime routine
3. Tropical-summer-flavoured cocktails with girlfriends
4. Dancing frantically through the sprinkler
5. Open-window-driving to your favorite summer tunes
6. Fresh salsa made from the goodies in my garden
7. Giggles...lots and lots of giggles
8. Rainy afternoon travels to Narnia, including snuggles from my favorite fellas
9. Fires in the backyard when the day's heat fades
10. The smell of rain

and because I'm too long winded and never know when to stop....

11. Sleeping with the windows open on fresh, clean sheets, and needing to
      burrow deep because the night grew cold.

There you go, a few of my favorite things!
I hope my favs have inspired you to take a minute or two to enjoy yours!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Alright, entry #2!
Welcome along to my crazy-town show!

So it's confession time.  In my first post, I eluded to the fact that this is all sparkly and new to me, (blogging). 
Well here's the kicker....I only follow one other blog, (insert surprised gasp).
I know, shocking, right!
I have visited many sites, stolen ideas, found recipes, or indulged in simple entertainment, but I spend very little time in the nowhere/everywhere land that can transport me with lightning speed into your lives.
I don't know how to add pictures, my favorite music, and I don't think anyone out there would be interesting in what I cook from day to day.  I'm not even all together certain that what I've created on this page looks like me, or if I have anything interesting to say after all is said and done...

So, that said, be patient with me, I'm learning, and I'm still unsure of how far I want to go in putting the real me out there!

Friday, 20 July 2012

I feel as though I've fallen down a rabbits hole and this whole new world is waiting for me.  The only problem is that I am the sort of gal who likes to slowly test the waters.  Start with the smallest dip of a toe, and if that suits me, I'll analyse any number of variables until I sort out whether I absolutely want to go further.
Not so adventurous, I know!
But here I am in any case, and it appears I have finished with testing the waters and I have jumped in, headlong, though timid, into this unknown world.
I hope as I warm to my surroundings the ride won't be too bumpy!