Thursday, 26 June 2014


I am more than blood and bone
deeper than light and dark
wider than the unfathomable depths

I am messy shades of grey
flesh and heart that bruises;
emotions that spill from my cup

I am more,
so much  more 
than what you see.

This gurgled up inside of me this morning, and luckily I was near the keys to keep record of what pushed its way to the surface.
Words are so precious.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

RHODES - Your Soul (Official Video)

 I need a slow immersion back into reality this week and, I think and hope and am nearly pleading for this to be the perfect way to coax me from beneath the warmth of my duvet and out into the sunshiny outdoors.
  Taking summer vacation two weeks before the end of the school year was probably not the smartest idea on the productivity scale, but all the same, it was a wonderful time away from the day-to-day.  The problem is resetting the internal clock to return my energies to the race (insert substantially large gulp of coconut milk infused coffee).
  There is this radio show I like to listen to, usually on Monday, though it is broadcast on Sunday, that introduced me to this soothing sound.  The whole show in effect is intended to slow you down after a crazy weekend and send you into a relaxed state for a new week.
  Anyway, regardless of your mood, your energy level, or your state of mind at the moment, this one is beautiful!  In addition to all that audio goodness, the visual unto itself may induce a slower rhythm and soothing loveliness to your day; it really is simply beautiful.
  I wish you true enjoyment and a slow slide into reflection as your ears tune in to this beautiful melancholy composition.

Friday, 13 June 2014

TOP TEN a little piece of thankful

1~ I love my country.  It's beautiful, and I'm not just saying that lightly.  I put many miles on 
       my tires this week, passing through several provinces and they each had unique beauty      
       that was breathtaking.  
2~ Adventures are so, so fun!  It doesn't matter much what the adventure is really, big or 
       small, it's what you make of the moment that matters. 
3~ We tried out a new restaurant the other night.  Reviews were positive, so why not, we 
       thought!  There were two people in the restaurant when we arrived; one was our server, the
       other was doing some sort of setup maintenance.  We decided to give it a go anyway.
       It was nothing special, except for the salsa.  The best bit was that my sweetheart and I sat 
       side by side, yep! like that odd couple that cuddles!  We sat together facing the game, we 
       chatted 75% more because we were beside each other instead of across from each other, 
       and it was the best quality time we've had in far too long.
4~ I love my family.  Really, truly love them.
5~ I am thankful that my girlfriends receive me regardless of my mood, my state of mind, or  
       my ultimately crazy requests.  In truth, you indulge me and my imaginings and stalker-like 
       request for feedback with true style!  You deserve credit for anything I create!
6~ Food....I think I am actually looking forward to spending time in my kitchen again.  It's 
       funny what taking a break and having someone else take care of you now and again can do 
       to recharge you. 
7~ NAPS!  enough said!
8~ My sweetheart indulged me with a walk through of my favorite shop.  Unfortunately I
       didn't leave with a pretty bag in hand, but the tactile experience of touching all the lovely 
       fabrics, trinkets, and pottery was enough to have fairies dancing before my eyes as I 
       drifted to sleep later that night.  Inspiration comes in many forms and is invaluable.
9~ Spending some time in the sunshine, watching the rain, and listening to the world revolve 
       around me. The peace, calm, chaos, and beauty of creation all around is astounding.
10~ I am the horse whisper.  (No story necessary, because it is just too weird.)

  It's been a while since I made a list, but I thought it was time, especially since life has been so chaotic and I have slacked so heavily in the area of embracing the simple and slowing down enough to truly enjoy it.  This is my friendly reminder to slow down and breathe every now and then.
  Make a list and see how quickly the good stuff from your day, week, or month adds up!  Be thankful!
  Happy Friday, folks!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Klingande - Jubel (Official Video HD)

 Need a pick me up this morning?  You've found it here!  Soothing yet energy inspiring; a combo that draws you in.  Plus saxophone melodies....what's not to love?
  The video will also give you a road trip and journey through the wilderness that will make you feel just a little less chained to your daily routine and more or less lighter on your feet, or if I can really reach, free!
  Have a listen and have the best day you've had all week!