Thursday, 27 February 2014

Shift the Blame/Random Bits of Ridiculousness

  So a few weeks ago my favorite "note-taking" pen died, and it occurred to me this morning, over smashed jalapeno and avocado smothered on toast with a runny egg, that the loss of said pen has been the downfall of my creativity (this is the blame shifting bit!)
  Remembering that loss I proceeded to dig through my desk drawer to find my "book-underlining" pencil, (because who doesn't specifically designate a pencil for such activity), when can you believe, I couldn't find that task oriented tool.
  A brief wave of panic lashed my body and I had the terrifying thought that if all of these writing tools had fallen on hard times, perhaps my "editing" pencil had suffered the same perilous fate.
  I know what you're thinking.
  No, really, I do. Believe me.
  So.  Filled with concern, I shuffled the pens/pencils which I am indifferent to in the pretty jar on my desk and saw that, phew, my "editing" pencil was precisely where it belonged.  
  There is nothing special about my "editing" pencil, just as there was nothing special about my "note-taking" pen or my "book-underlining" pencil (which I believe I tossed into my purse upon realizing my pen was about to mark its final page), other than that one important ingredient - LOVE.
  I am attached, and because I have been through likely several thousand emotional pages with this particular Toy Story character printed pencil, I have grown sentimental about it (though it resides currently, and I believe permanently, with many other random writing tools).
  Sidebar: my children know not to touch or even think about touching the tools that I love.  When they are in search of a pencil or pen, I steer them to a box of supplies that is all their own.  My precious is OFF LIMITS!  
  Okay, now I really know what you are thinking, and I am totally cool with that label.  Do you think I could write these ludicrous words and not think I am just a wee bit crazy myself?  Well, rest assured, I know I am 100% bonkers..... but you know the saying, do you not?  If not, I advise you go find that out for yourself!

  Oi.  Back to what I was trying to bring to light.
  I lost my creativity.  Well, not really, I just filled my time with distractions to avoid trying to sort it out.  
  Classic procrastinator move.  Classic lazy writer problems.
  It was blaming my pen/pencil situation and the ridiculousness of it all that I hope will be my final straw and the turning point to shutting down the distractions and actually focusing on finishing my project.
  Sidebar: there is no way I am going to give up my "editing" pencil and as soon as I motivate myself I will head over to the office supply store to replace my ill fated "note-taking" pen so that I can put my "underlining" pencil back where it belongs!

  It's a wonderful day out there!  Get out and enjoy it!  Stop procrastinating and start that thing that's been on your mind.  Sit yourself down and finish the never-ending project!  Paint the fence, wax the car, clean out that hidden room in the basement.
  Whatever it is you've been avoiding.  Do it.  No more excuses!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A bit of withdrawal

  Did any of you beautiful people wake up yesterday and miss the Olympic updates that notified you through your phone?  Or maybe it was the endless hours of coverage on the tele?
  Well that was me Monday morning, checking my phone first thing, only to find that it is over.
  Ahh, sigh.  Big sigh.
  I was entertained endlessly.  I cried tears.  I felt my heart beat with the nerves, with the anticipation, the joy, the heartbreak, the exaltation of victory and the agony of defeat.
  The thing that stuck out to me was the confidence of the athletes.  Now I know it seems like it should go hand in hand, a no-brainer, right?  Well, for me it was so much more than that, confidence, I mean.  Yes, undeniably every athlete attending was the best their country had to offer.  Obviously they had all faced adversity, endless hours of repetitive practice, and every sort of injury imaginable to the human body, (seriously, how do many of them come back from that sort of bodily brokenness, only to put themselves in the same circumstance which took them out of the game to begin with.
  But there was more.

  Here's what I know

   Iron will ~ That's what I saw; an unquenchable burning that pushes each individual to go further, push harder, give a little more, sacrifice one more thing, surrender to their purpose.
  Confidence ~ It exceeded their skill, though somehow remained far from arrogant and the sort of cocky that turns you off.
  Love & Passion ~ who does that to themselves unless it is a part of them.  That thing that calls to them in the wee hours of the morning to participate.  The glowing light that, for this portion of life, they were made to do.  That's right: made to do. 
  Accomplishment ~ I wonder if there is any greater nod to an artist in any field than to step up and be a part of the competition, never mind the honor to take a step further and be elevated on the podium, and further still, to watch your flag raised and hear your anthem sung.

 Indeed, all these things are Priceless!

  I'm in withdrawal.  I will happily admit it.  The Olympics, as I've said before, are one of my most favorite things.  I love the camaraderie , the focus, the beauty of a united world, the pressure of competition, the agony of defeat, the tough decisions that are make or break, the surrender to the moment - leaving it all on the field/track/ice/hill, the beauty of the moment that steals your breath and ignites belief in your heart.
  I love it.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mid-Week Confessions....Here's to the Ridiculous

  I'm freaked out by lawn ornaments.  
  True story!  
  First I'm drawn in by their presence; why would you want a fake animal in your yard?  I can't figure it out.  Then once I've spotted the ridiculous plastic replica I can't drag my eyes away, especially the deer ornaments.
  They don't belong, and they especially don't belong when they look like they are going to bolt onto the road and stand like a stunned creature awaiting my oncoming vehicle.  
  I literally can't tear my eyes away until I'm more than certain they are not moving, (that includes the unlikelihood that they would turn Toy Story real on me).  
  See, freaked out!  
  Completely irrational.
  So ridiculous!
  Look at these juicy nuggets of my deeper parts I feel spurred on to share with you!
  Enjoy the mid-week ridiculousness!
  Take a moment to enjoy the ridiculous in your life!  You never know how a good laugh can carry you through until you relent and let it take over!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Yuna - Tourist Lyrics (Unofficial Lyric Video)

  Here's a lovely treat for another freezing morning.  Have a listen, watch the visual because it really is lovely and, in this instance, makes the song all the more lovely (even if the lyrics don't quite align).
  Have a fantastic day, folks.  Stay warm, and enjoy this slice of romantic adventure!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Favorite Things

 Favorite Things

  I feel like it's been forever since I've made a list, so let's do it, folks, let's throw together a list of our favs!!

1~ The great outdoors.  I love it, even if it continues to be too cold to exit the front door without having my sanity questioned.  Every cleansing, healing, refreshing outdoor breath is worth the layers needed to get through it!
2~ Sometimes it's the goofy that gets you through, and for my home, this week has been no exception.  We spent much silly time giggling, belting out our favorite tunes, dancing, and escaping to magical lands while together we read our latest favorite.  What would my life be without the silly?  I can honestly say - absolutely unbearable!
3~ I'm sporting two new accessories these days.  They are necklaces crafted by my favorite boys.  One is neon orange and the second neon pink with black and green accents.  Can you picture it?  They are perfect and when I told them I would absolutely wear their creations out and about they looked at me with astonishment.  What could make me more proud than the pleasure on their faces when they realized I did, in fact, wear them out!!  Their creations are worthy of my praise and that simple gesture makes a difference!
4~ Girl time.  There may only be time for a quick coffee, a three minute catch up, a hug or a text.  But it makes a difference.  We need each other, and though there is little time for more these days, those small efforts get me through.  
5~ A deadline.  Doesn't sound like it should be a favorite thing, but it is the kick in the pants that I need apparently.  I've been seriously lacking focus and distracting myself with whatever I can, it's been a sad creative time if I'm being really honest.  So this deadline is exactly what this procrastinator needs!
6~ THE OLYMPICS.  Today is the day!!! They are one of my absolute ALL-TIME favorites!  Oh boy!  They make me weepy, they make my heart full, they inspire me beyond understanding, and they make me believe that if you don't quit, you work hard and you believe that you can anything can happen! LOVE IT!
7~ A great song.  In a moment you're back there, held in time, in the moment that mattered.  A few strums of the strings, a combination of keys pushed and it's magic.  It's one of those incredible things, and I am so thankful that my life is filled with music.
8~ Quiet time.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day.  It gets me going and fills me up, I am thankful for that very special part of the day.
9~ Pie?  Yes, is there anything as comforting and down-home-good-old-days as pie?  You tell me!
10~ A road trip.  I've been dreaming of driving away the past few days.  It is unlikely to happen anytime soon, but I can smell the warm air, almost taste the coffee I'd need to put the miles behind me.  The soundtrack I would sing along to and the company I'd bring along.  It's a wonderful thought on this cold an unrelenting winter's morn.

  There you have it folks, what's on my mind!
  Make a list and be thankful for all the good in your own life.  It will make a difference and can change everything about the day you're in and the way you look at your circumstances.  Thankfulness isn't just a gimmick; it's a way of life, a state of heart and a good lens to look through.
  Cheers to the weekend, folks, make it a good one! 

Monday, 3 February 2014

Missy Higgins - If I Could Start Today Again (Paul Kelly Tribute)

  You ever have moments of regret? Wish you could go back and change something; a word, an action, the unfolding of a conversation or how you jumped to the wrong conclusion and let your deepest truths slip out unwelcomed?
  Sure you have, I think its a rite of passage, a universal stumbling, or if you want to get real specific - every other moment of your youth!
  We all have regrets, each and every one of us, and the longer we stick around on this marvelous spinning globe we called Earth, guess what - those regrets are likely to multiply.
  Have a listen to this tune, not only do I adore this girl, Missy Higgins, she delivers a knock-out punch with this effort.  It's a heart wrenching, poignant (if I can get all wordy), it's more, so much more.  It's raw, all encompassing feeling and it will take you back to a moment that could change it all, maybe change you.
  It's slow Monday, it seems, but I like, no - I Love this one all the time.
  Happy start to the week folks!