Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mid-Week Confessions....Here's to the Ridiculous

  I'm freaked out by lawn ornaments.  
  True story!  
  First I'm drawn in by their presence; why would you want a fake animal in your yard?  I can't figure it out.  Then once I've spotted the ridiculous plastic replica I can't drag my eyes away, especially the deer ornaments.
  They don't belong, and they especially don't belong when they look like they are going to bolt onto the road and stand like a stunned creature awaiting my oncoming vehicle.  
  I literally can't tear my eyes away until I'm more than certain they are not moving, (that includes the unlikelihood that they would turn Toy Story real on me).  
  See, freaked out!  
  Completely irrational.
  So ridiculous!
  Look at these juicy nuggets of my deeper parts I feel spurred on to share with you!
  Enjoy the mid-week ridiculousness!
  Take a moment to enjoy the ridiculous in your life!  You never know how a good laugh can carry you through until you relent and let it take over!

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