Monday, 3 February 2014

Missy Higgins - If I Could Start Today Again (Paul Kelly Tribute)

  You ever have moments of regret? Wish you could go back and change something; a word, an action, the unfolding of a conversation or how you jumped to the wrong conclusion and let your deepest truths slip out unwelcomed?
  Sure you have, I think its a rite of passage, a universal stumbling, or if you want to get real specific - every other moment of your youth!
  We all have regrets, each and every one of us, and the longer we stick around on this marvelous spinning globe we called Earth, guess what - those regrets are likely to multiply.
  Have a listen to this tune, not only do I adore this girl, Missy Higgins, she delivers a knock-out punch with this effort.  It's a heart wrenching, poignant (if I can get all wordy), it's more, so much more.  It's raw, all encompassing feeling and it will take you back to a moment that could change it all, maybe change you.
  It's slow Monday, it seems, but I like, no - I Love this one all the time.
  Happy start to the week folks!  

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